Earth Sound Media™ is a dynamic company that pioneers the platforms of original transformational music, art and video. Earth Sound Media™ incorporates knowledge and wisdom from ancient traditions and cultures, modern science and technology and everything in between to produce music and media that speaks to the very fabric of the soul. With the belief that all of creation has consciousness, Earth Sound Media™ aims to spawn creations that positively effect humans, plants, animals, planets, galaxies and beyond.

Founded by experienced music composer and producer, Patrick Rawlings is a visionary in the field of media. While touring the world one of numerous times as a professional singer, he discovered the important relationship that all media platforms have with the earth and all of creation. He shares the belief that all music, art and video can be powerful, healing and entertaining to a wide audience without sacrificing one area for another. By harnessing, among other things, the power of countless unique vibrations, Patrick constantly brings forth a new wave of music and media.  His creations have been described as "hip, progressive, intriguing, inspirational, ahead of their time and from the heart." 




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